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Virtual Servers

Blue: The colour most closely associated with cool, calm efficiency. We offer six discrete Virtual Private Server configurations, in cooperation with the largest datacenters in Europe. Our VPS servers are managed, reducing the hassle of administration on your end and leaving you free to simply enjoy the performance on offer. Linux and Windows options are available.

Your private slice of the Web

Our virtual servers feature SSD disk space, a fast up to 1 Gbps connection and several RAM configurations to suit requirements of all shapes and sizes. We take care of management and OS updates for you, so that they run just fine no matter what.

Iris 3.0

For individuals

39/ month
  • CPU : 1 vCore
  • SSD : 20 GB
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Network : 1 Gbps
  • Traffic : 20 TB
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Celeste 3.0

For solopreneurs

49/ month
  • CPU : 2 vCores
  • SSD : 40 GB
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Network : 1 Gbps
  • Traffic : 20 TB
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Sky 3.0

For small teams

59/ month
  • CPU : 3 vCores
  • SSD : 80 GB
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Network : 1 Gbps
  • Traffic : 20 TB
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Cobalt 3.0

For small companies

79/ month
  • CPU : 8 vCores
  • SSD : 240 GB
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • Network : 1 Gbps
  • Traffic : 20 TB
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Sapphire 3.0

For medium companies

99/ month
  • CPU : 16 vCores
  • SSD : 360 GB
  • RAM : 32 GB
  • Network : 1 Gbps
  • Traffic : 20 TB
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The tech stuff

You should know what our plans include in more detail. These tables ought to help either you or your IT make sense of specifications. For any questions, we’re always available to lend a hand and explain away!
  Iris 3.0 Celeste 3.0 Sky 3.0 Columbia 3.0 Cobalt 3.0 Sapphire 3.0
CPU vCoresDedicated Virtual CPU cores for the virtual server. 1 2 3 4 8 16
RAMThe amount of RAM available for the virtual server. 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
SSDThe amount of disk space available in the virtual server. It includes the operating system files and the disk usable for databases, e-mails, web hosting account files, etc. 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB 160 GB 240 GB 360 GB
RAIDHardware RAID-1 ensures a higher degree of data redundancy in the event of hardware failure. This feature is enabled by default in all virtual servers.
NetworkThe network interface maximum speed of the virtual server. 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
TrafficThe data traffic available per month on the virtual server. 20 TB 20 TB 20 TB 20 TB 20 TB 20 TB
IPv4 1 1 1 1 1 1
IPv6 /64 subnet
Admin Access
Operating Systems | | | | | |

Some more reasons to activate a server with us

We’re tuning things to run nicely every so often. We manage your server so you don’t have to, and will install any custom software or configuration you request us to. We check our support tickets after-hours for emergencies. And we’ve got more text below!
We are extremely familiar with the technologies involved in managing a virtual server. In the majority of the cases where a virtual server will be used for web tasks (including e-mail hosting, database hosting, web server, etc.) we manage the server using CENTOS with CPanel™ in Release branch (currently v. 11.xx).

For Windows installations, a dedicated control panel is not usually necessary, however we are able to customize the installation at any time according to requirements in place and specifications set.
Additional performance across the globe is only one click away. We are a Certified Partner of Cloudflare®, and offer advanced caching and redundancy capabilities to all our customers, through an easy to use CPanel™ plug-in. By activating your server on Cloudflare® you gain increased performance, caching of your accounts’ files in 23 datacentres worldwide, and a CDN which ensures high performance to customers around the globe. In the event where your server’s accounts require further optimisation, you can contact us about it and we can arrange for Railgun™ advanced caching to be deployed on them. Railgun™ is available to our Corporate Support customers.
Our way of thinking is clear: Customers need not concern themselves with their system’s needs. This is why we are only offering managed products, allowing us to monitor your server’s operation and intervene where we see fit to optimise it. Security, operating system and control panel updates, where applicable, are handled by us in regular intervals.
You may request full access to your server (via SSH / RDP) at any time, however we recommend that you consult with us before performing software installations or otherwise modify the system’s status significantly – Stability is paramount to a server’s proper operation, after all.
A stable, high-performing and efficient operation requires knowledgeable people to maintain it. We are proud to include information and communication technologies experts on our team, able to diagnose or troubleshoot any issue in the shortest timeframe possible. It’s not your responsibility to worry about your server(s) – We are here to ensure everything runs smooth as silk. In the event where advanced configuration or troubleshooting is required, (Including but not limited to a security audit or software installation & configuration), our resident experts will be glad to carry the task out, for a very reasonable pre-set hourly rate.
Data Security
Data security is an important feature for operational security – Your data are valuable, whether you are running a personal blog or a fully-fledged e-commerce platform. Catastrophic data loss can have adverse consequences on your operation. This is why we have designed off-site backup offerings which are customizable to your needs, data volume, and scope of operation.
It is recommended that any accounts with highly dynamic content (such as news portals, e-shops or forums) present on your server maintain a backup cycle of hours, in lieu of days, since data security is of additional importance in these cases.
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