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Experience some peace of mind in web hosting. All our offerings come in high capacity CPanel™ enabled web servers, and are managed by our team of experts. Depending on your scale, size and expectations, you can activate an out-of-the-box solution, which you can upgrade or downgrade when you need to do so at no extra charge.

Set it and forget it

Our web hosting packages come fully-featured with a script installer compatible with Wordpress™, Joomla®, Drupal™ and many other scripts; plenty of SSD disk space and thorough backups for peace of mind.

Lime 2.0

For freelancers

49/ year
  • SSD Space : 5 GB
  • E-mails : 5
  • Websites : 1
  • CPanel™ Control Panel
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Mint 2.0

For small teams

79/ year
  • SSD Space : 10 GB
  • E-mails : 20
  • Websites : 3
  • CPanel™ Control Panel
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Myrtle 2.0

For small companies

149/ year
  • SSD Space : 25 GB
  • E-mails : Unlimited
  • Websites : Unlimited
  • CPanel™ Control Panel
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Neon 2.0

For medium companies

199/ year
  • SSD Space : 40 GB
  • E-mails : Unlimited
  • Websites : Unlimited
  • CPanel™ Control Panel
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Reseller White

For resellersStarting from

19/ month
  • SSD Space : 10-100 GB
  • E-mails : Unlimited
  • Websites : Unlimited
  • CPanel™ Control Panel
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The tech stuff

You should know what our plans include in more detail. These tables ought to help either you or your IT make sense of specifications. For any questions, we’re always available to lend a hand and explain away!
  Lime 2.0 Mint 2.0 Emerald 2.0 Myrtle 2.0 Neon 2.0
SSD SpaceHigh quality disk space, hosted on our RAID-enabled systems. The space can be used for e-mails, web files, MySQL databases, and anything else hosted there. 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 25 GB 40 GB
BandwidthThe monthly traffic allowance provided. We carefully consider the bandwidth thresholds and accommodate most usage scenarios within them. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email AccountsThe number of e-mail accounts allowed. E-mail accounts can be configured to be POP3, IMAP, or accessed through Webmail and supported mobile devices. 5 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP AccountsThe number of FTP accounts provided. FTP accounts are offered with or without encryption to suit all connection environments and needs. 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MariaDB DatabasesThe number of MySQL databases allowed to be used in the account. There is no space or other restriction placed on MySQL databases. 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websites 1 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Remote Backups
Free SSL Certificate
Control Panel

Some more reasons to go online with us

We’re tuning things to run nicely every so often. Our customers make use of CloudLinux and Cloudflare to have their websites and apps load properly. We check our support tickets after-hours for emergencies. And we’ve got more text below!
Our web hosting offerings run on CENTOS or Red Hat Enterprise™ servers, and are offered with CPanel™ in Release branch (currently v. 11.xx). Our customer accounts enjoy unparalleled flexibility, with features available including Softaculous auto-script installers, automatic e-mail settings discovery and full account customisation capabilities.

All customer accounts are able to order, renew and modify billing settings from our Client Area, as well as contact our Commercial or Technical Support departments quickly and efficiently.
Additional performance across the globe is only one click away. We are a Certified Partner of Cloudflare®, and offer advanced caching and redundancy capabilities to all our customers, through an easy to use CPanel™ plug-in. By activating your account on Cloudflare® you gain increased performance, caching of your account’s files in 23 datacentres worldwide, and a CDN which ensures high performance to customers around the globe. In the event where your account requires further optimisation, you can contact us about it and we can arrange for Railgun™ advanced caching to be deployed on it. Railgun™ is available to our Corporate Support customers.
We make use of CloudLinux™ to guarantee stability in our web hosting offerings. CloudLinux™ allows us to assign and monitor system resources per customer account, ensuring that your account has sufficient room to grow into. In the event where you outgrow our predefined configuration, we offer a CloudLinux™ Booster which will double your available resources.

Resources monitored and optimised using CloudLinux™ include: CPU cycles, RAM memory usage, I/O disk usage and simultaneous connections active on your account.
A stable, high-performing and efficient operation requires knowledgeable people to maintain it. We are proud to include information and communication technologies experts on our team, able to diagnose or troubleshoot any issue in the shortest timeframe possible. It’s not your responsibility to worry about your website(s) – We are here to ensure everything runs smooth as silk.
Our Corporate Support add-on can provide you with additional peace of mind, leaving you focused to develop and grow your web presence while enjoying extreme stability and performance.
Data security is an important feature for operational security – Your data are valuable, whether you are running a personal blog or a fully-fledged e-commerce platform. Catastrophic data loss can have adverse consequences on your operation. This is why we have designed a Corporate Support component which upgrades your backups from weekly to daily, and can accommodate further retention points upon request. It is recommended that highly dynamic websites such as news portals, e-shops or forums maintain a backup cycle of hours, in lieu of days, since data security is of additional importance in these cases.
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