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Orchestrate your promotional victory

It's high time you started utilizing your strengths. We are here to provide all the promotional firepower you will ever need. Become a close friend of the search engines - Highlight your vision and values through advertising - Make use of metrics and find out how to enhance your marketing presence - Modernize your user interactions.
In the promotional battlefield, your success is our sole objective.

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Social Media Land:
The Land of Opportunities

Social Media Land can be colorful and pleasant, as long as it's used properly. That's why you need someone who knows what they are doing. Use targeted advertising to your advantage - Engage audiences - Create buzz about your products and services - Form, apply and execute a social media strategy - Create a viral marketing unique experience.
In a nutshell: Trust the experts and build something memorable.

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Stay ahead of
the competition

Competition is often vicious, and making the right choices may at times seem daunting. This is where we come in. Reach record-breaking heights in your marketing performance - Use our creative web design services - Create a memorable brand identity - Stand out in e-commerce - Embrace mobility and interact with clients everywhere - Make a difference.
The race may seem a Marathon, but we will win it quickly - together.

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Engaging, Smart & Perfect Concepts
To Personalize Your Experience
Please Tell Us Your 'First Name'

Howdy !   A few Words !

Welcome to Artiarc! We are delighted you found out that our website carries an interactive function, and are pleased to e-meet you!

We launched Artiarc because we firmly believe that an always connected world could make good use of people like us; able to analyze and think clearly; able to behave professionally yet creatively; able to pull out all the stops to make you happy.

But - Let's not talk business in here -our services and such- You can find out all about them in 'What We Do' or if you merely scroll down a little bit more. We thought that it's annoying when intro pages don't give someone a chance to get to know us better, so let's do just that:

Our favorite drink is beer, of a premium variety, although we enjoy scotch as well. We like rock concerts and could never say "No!" to a good steak.

We think that the Internet has become, nowadays, synonymous to "field of dreams". We respond to market trends by laser-tuning our skills to accommodate anything and everything. We chat, read and study about new technologies and success stories every day, and enhance our (and your) lives by using them to craft our own success stories.

Now you know just about enough to talk to us like long-time friends, so, we'll wait to hear from you! =)



All you need to grow. An engaging e-commerce success story

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Turning insurance into a relationship of trust. A young company led by experienced industry professionals

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An ASCO e-learning experience visualized. Digital certifications produced effortlessly.

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The Agroville website was recently launched and has already been praised by industry professionals.

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Orion is a new company in the wearables sector, conducting business in South Europe.

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The corporate presence of Meleccon Technical, a technical company providing advanced infrastructure & construction services.

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The corporate presence of K&N Engineers, a technologically advanced food processing systems & equipment provider.

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Interested in what you see ? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you in a blink (okay, maybe two) of an eye!



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Even if you're not planning on selling online, a well-crafted site is essential for any business.Q: My business is very small, just me and two employees, and our product really can't be sold online. Do I really need...
ATHENS, MARCH 2013: *Drumroll* Artiarc is proud to announce the first project completed under the new brand and identity it now has launched. We have completed the migration of http://www.bbt.gr from a custom platfo...
Today, we are happy to elaborate on one of the latest projects our team handled shortly before Artiarc came into existence: Medical Trends ( http://www.medicaltrends.org ) specializes in offering medical e...