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How things were

People tend to believe things in their past were simpler and perhaps less complicated; more beautiful; significantly more straightforward. This is true, to an extent; when one is a toddler, they tend to worry about whether they are bored of vanilla ice cream and want to switch to chocolate instead. Complexity tends to scale up from there onward. Back in the day, people like us tended to lay out a long, thorough list of services available from them. That used to be a fine approach to take… in 2005 or thereabouts. Nowadays, it’s better to describe actions, not stick to empty words.

How things are

We build up your next idea (or set of ideas). Our contribution varies, depending on the matter(s) at hand:


We can design your web app. Ensure it’s beautiful. Convert it to work well in mobile and tablet environments. Design its database schema. Have it properly interact with your customers. Place it in a robust infrastructure. Maintain our collective peace of mind by backing the app up (sic) and make it redundant. Handle its security considerations. Plan for its growth. Make it tick.


We can discuss and brainstorm your way to success. Provide you with guidance on which steps to take, and when. Refer you to partners who may handle your advertising, or design a strategy together with you, and have the professionals run it when needed. Be there for you if you are stuck on something; from registering an international trademark to ensuring your customers can pay you using their credit card from an igloo in the North Pole, and protect your business with anti-fraud as they proceed to do exactly that.


We pride ourselves for our critical thinking and can apply this wherever you need us to do so. Expertise holds little value unless someone taps it, after all. If we are confident about a topic of conversation, you’ll know we are. If we need to get back to you for best results, you’ll know that as well.


We believe in fair compensation for quality work. Pricing for anything we decide to quote you on will revolve around this concept; if something is complex, we’ll be frank about the fact; if something is simple, we may quote a minimal fee or none at all. It depends on the case at hand. We like to treat our customers, as we would like other people and companies to treat us. It’s really quite that simple.

How things are not

We won’t really do some things, out of our philosophy if nothing else:

  • We won’t claim we can provide a solution to a problem which supersedes our capabilities.
  • We won’t expect you to magically know everything about making your idea run like a well-tuned locomotive.
  • We won’t be afraid to call things as we see them; if something doesn’t work, we won’t sugarcoat the situation and try to sneak away from the problem. Fair play, all around.

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